You are an individual

Situational coaching

Regularly, important external events, such as the Covid-19 crisis or the worldwide situation, destabilise us and shake us up in our personal and professional practices.

The mission of situational coaching is to provide you with a space where you can be welcomed, listened to, shared and put back into motion through concrete actions.

This service aims to support you when you feel disconcerted and out of touch with events. It allows you to reconnect with your leadership and become an active participant in your daily life.

The process addresses all aspects – professional and personal – of life.

Some examples of situations:

Development coaching

Developing your own leadership

Development of your agility in the face of change

Development at key moments in a career:

  • increasing your responsibilities,
  • taking on new roles
  • taking up a new position
  • resuming activities after a voluntary or necessary break

Development coaching

You feel that you are being held back or limited in your development. I offer you a personalised coaching programme aimed at working in depth on an agreed objective.

This programme is inspired by the appreciative approach and is based on the latest studies in the fields of neuroscience and adult development, particularly those that apply to change management. It takes into consideration the recipient’s integrative intelligence, i.e. your cognitive, emotional and somatic intelligence.

Some examples of situations:

Optimising career transition

Repositioning within the company

Career review

Creation of a new professional project

Skills assessment

Preparation for retirement

Transition coaching

You are in a moment of decided or imposed transition. I offer you a personalised and targeted programme to accompany you in this pivotal moment in your life.
This programme involves in-depth work based on the 4P approach: Profile-Project-Positioning-Positioning. It is articulated accordingly and is based on various tools and questionnaires that will help you to clarify the actions to be taken to bounce back. The programme allows you to be supported throughout your transition and adapts to the pace and resources of each individual.

Together we highlight your talents, skills and abilities, interests and sources of motivation. In light of this, we reflect on and identify the project(s) that make(s) the most sense for you at this time.

I help you to articulate all this in the various documents (CV, cover letters, off/online presentations etc…). I help you train for your interviews and give you support in the different phases of the recruitment/launch process.

I am at your side when you integrate your new position or start your new activity.