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Situational coaching

Major external events, such as the Covid-19 crisis, have destabilised individuals and shaken up organisational practices on both a personal and professional level. Generally, organisations revisit their working and operating models as well as their way of supporting their human resources in these sensitive phases.

In order to facilitate the passage through these moments, I intervene by means of situational coaching.  The objective of my intervention is to provide employees who feel the need to do so, with a space where they can be welcomed, listened to, share and put practices back into motion thanks to concrete actions.

This service is aimed at anyone who feels disconcerted and at a loss of bearings in the face of events. It allows the beneficiary to reconnect with their own leadership and to become an actor in their daily life. This process addresses all aspects of life – professional and personal.

Some examples of situations:

Leadership development

Development of managerial and organisational skills

Development of agility in the face of change

Development at key moments in a career:

  • increase in responsibilities,
  • taking on new functions
  • taking up a new position
  • resuming activities after a voluntary or necessary break

Development coaching

In order to enhance the potential of your employees in their development, I propose a method built around a personalised coaching programme aimed at in-depth work. This work is carried out on the basis of objective(s) agreed upon by the parties involved.

This programme is inspired by the appreciative approach and is based on the latest studies in the fields of neuroscience and adult development, particularly those that apply to change. The programme takes into consideration the beneficiary’s integrative intelligence, i.e., cognitive, emotional and bodily intelligence.

In this context, I establish a three-way partnership with you, with regular follow-up, together with clear and transparent communication of the process, while respecting the confidentiality inherent in the content of the sessions.

Some examples of situations:

Optimisation of the professional transition

Repositioning within the company

Career assessment

Creation of a new professional project

Skills assessment

Preparation for retirement

Transition Coaching

When you wish to accompany a departing employee, I offer you personalised and targeted professional transition programmes. The duration of these programmes depends on the allocated budget.

The programmes involve in-depth work based on the 4Ps: Profile-Project-Positioning-Posture. They are articulated accordingly and allow the beneficiary to be supported throughout their transition by adapting to their individual rhythm and resources.

In this context, I establish a three-way partnership with you with regular follow-up together with clear and transparent communication of the process while respecting the confidentiality inherent in the content of the sessions.

Business climate assessment

When times are turbulent, when external factors are weighing on the morale and commitment of teams, including that of leaders, when these factors prevent a clear view of the strategic decisions to be made, it can be useful to go back to the basics to obtain the “climate” information needed to make the right decisions.

Measuring the social climate of your organisation is a rich source of information and insight. The cross-views of your human resources provide increased content from which adjustments and changes, even those that need to be conducted in depth, are guaranteed to maintain the healthy engagement of employees in the daily life of the organisation.

Such a measure amounts to a form of freeze frame. It is an act that is part of the social responsibility of the organisation. It guarantees optimal management of human capital. It helps management to improve its governance and day-to-day management.


Thanks to the different themes covered by the evaluation, existing or future social and managerial pitfalls are measured. This allows you to inform and draw the attention of management in advance. You can then put in place corrective measures to ensure the smooth running of the company and the well-being of your resources for a more serene future at both institutional and human levels.

This service is provided in partnership with other experts in the field. Our cross-views guarantee multiple insights and enhanced advice.

HR Advice

As an organisation’s director or HR manager, you are led to review your HR policy in terms of its various components (e.g., salary, remuneration, assessment, training, development).

As an experienced external partner, I can assist you in this reflection and provide you with my views and advice based on the evolving policies in this area.

Aware of the speed at which these different themes are evolving as well as the importance for organisations to remain attractive for their current or future human capital, I ensure that I remain up-to-date on these subjects thanks to the continuous training, seminars and conferences in which I take part. I can thus accompany you as closely as possible with the evolution of practices to enable you to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

This service is most often provided in partnership with other experts in the field. This way, our combined views guarantee multiple insights and enhanced advice.

More concretely, I accompany you to:


with you the ideal profile for a given position


the potential of the candidates, their suitability for the position, the teams and the company culture within the framework of your specific project


if necessary, the structured interviews with appropriate tests


the best candidates for your specific project


the process by recruiting the successful candidate


the new employee in their new position for optimal integration


As part of your staff growth, I can assist you in the search, selection and integration of employees, executives and managers.

To do this, I adopt a systematic approach to the identification and evaluation of profiles using current tools.

Candidates are met face-to-face with a structured interview aimed at matching your expectations with the background, experience and profile of the applicants. You then meet those with the most suitable profile.