Our fast-paced and demanding lives require great adaptability.

Our personal and professional agility is both useful and necessary in times of creation, development, stabilisation or repositioning. All these moments are linked to the fundamental: impermanence.

What is true today may not be true tomorrow.  So how can we cope with these shifting rhythms, contexts and interactions other than by developing a form of wisdom, strength and inner anchoring. A way of ensuring one’s support to stand upright whatever the weather outside.

Listening – questioning – opening up – mobilising – gathering – finding – positioning – committing – developing – growing – getting back on track are all aspects that I am keen to encourage when you call on me.

It is precisely in this context of impermanence that I accompany you through various interdependent services of coaching, advice and evaluation.





My approach is ontological, integrative and appreciative. Ontological because it focuses on the study of being and self-knowledge. Integrative because it takes into consideration our three forms of intelligence: cognitive, emotional and somatic. Awareness of these three sources of response generates increased resources to re-establish stability in the changes with the best-self posture. Appreciative as it focuses on the ressources both of the person and of the system.

The appreciative approach is a method of leading change based on the strengths of individuals and systems. It offers an alternative to the traditional problem-solving approach of fixing dysfunctions. In contrast, the appreciative approach seeks to build a dream future based on successes, strengths and, more broadly, what gives life to a system or an organisation. Without denying the current challenges, the appreciative approach integrates them with an inspiring language. The result is an increased power of mobilisation.

Questioning, empowerment, interactive exercises, a range of systemic tools that call upon reflection, emotions and sensations, role-playing, the formalisation of action plans and feedback are the main means used in this process.

In order to complete my approach, it is advisable to rely on Profil-R. Profil-R which is a tool that integrates both a psychometric and a personality model highlighting individual strengths and areas for improvement. As a certified partner of the network, I ensure the restitution of the results of the tool during a dedicated session.

These scientific results support the pragmatic and active approach of coaching.